Dr. Roland Fox

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the sudden death of Dr. Roland Fox on Monday 30th September.

Dr. Fox was a director of the Crinnis Wood Management Company and served as our Chairman for the past two years until the last Annual General Meeting.

Roland Fox used his professional expertise and great love of horticulture for the benefit of Crinnis Wood. During his tenure as Chairman, he was pivotal in the transition of the Company to new managing agents. His knowledge of plant diseases was a great advantage throughout the phytophthora outbreak.

On behalf of all members and our agent, I have passed on our sincere condolences to Roland’s wife, Alicia and their family.

Jane West , Chairman
Crinnis Wood Management Company

Rhododendrons Update

The extra spray of Rhododendrons, as advised at AGM has now been completed. It is noticed that 20% are seemingly unaffected and will need further treatment.

Spraying in the woods

We have had confirmation from Paul Wallace that he intends to start spraying the remaining Rhododendrons in the woods towards the end of this week (Wednesday 24th April onwards).

He will also commence the wood and tree survey that he has been commissioned to carry out.

SmithsGore Landscope Update March 2013

Woodland & Arboriculture

English Government policy on forestry and woodland

The Government has released a statement on its policy, which includes its response to the Independent Panel on Forestry:

  • Protection: Increased funding for research and action on tree diseases (good news but the Government’s short-termism in cutting support for Forest Research should not have happened in the first place)
  • Value: provide information on the benefits woodland provides (economic, social and environmental, which will include developing a set of natural capital accounts), and support the voluntary woodland carbon market
  • Support the woodland economy: through a new action plan (another!!!) and bringing woodlands back into management
  • Public Forest Estate: will remain in public ownership and will receive slightly more funding. It will be managed by a new body, to be created in the future, that will have greater independence from Government and greater freedom to manage its resources and maximise its income. This seems like a good move.
  • Improving public access to woods: by working with landowners, particularly close to our towns and promote community involvement in woodland management

A full copy of the SmithsGore Landscope briefing can be viewed here

Theft of tree trunks

A blue mk 2 land rover discovery with 2 men on board arrived at the entrance to WRP decabbed with a chain saw and entered the woodland in the area adjacent to no 39 and proceeded to saw up large sections of a fallen tree trunk. They then left loaded with several sections in the back of the vehicle.

On the 2nd visit, Police were contacted, arrived on site and challenged the activity of the men. They duely unloaded the logs and left the scene.

PC 6933 Benjamin Morris of St Austell Police says he will prosecute if the theft is repeated as he has the registration details of their Blue Mk 2 Land-rover Discovery.

In the meantime he advised us to remove and keep all felled logs out of sight and to alert residents to report any further thieves removing wood.

2013 Annual Charge

As agreed at the 2012 AGM, the service charge for 2013 has been set at £300.

This is a 25% reduction on the 2012 charge which is most welcomed in these lean times.

The charge is due for payment on the 1st January 2013, the invoices have been sent out by Smiths Gore on the 20th December 2012.

As also agreed, if payment is not received by 31st January 2013, the charge will increase to £330. Those who intend to pay by a monthly instalment facility will also be charged £330.

Any member wishing to set up the monthly instalment facility, has not received their invoice or who needs to discuss payment arrangement in confidence is urged to contact Smiths Gore as soon as possible.

*** UPDATE 3/1/2013 ***

Payment can be made electronically to avoid postal expense and delay. Use the following payee details:

Bank Nat West
Sort Code 54-21-38
Account Number 28619005
Account Name S/Gore Client Acc
Payee Reference <NNNNNN> <HH>WRP

Where <NNNNNN> is your tenant reference number as found on your invoice and <HH> is your house number.

Christmas 2012 – Woodlands Update

We hope that you have seen some of the changes that have taken place this autumn, with trees now becoming individually visible.

Paul Wallace of Woodsmiths has been working in the woods since October clearing Rhododendrons from the woods along Beach Road behind numbers 25 to 39.

Paul Wallace in front of mine shaft looking west.
Picture was taken in Crinnis Wood, eastern edge adjacent to Cottwood with Paul Wallace in front of a mine shaft looking west.

Paul is now working his way east along the Woodland strip next to railway line behind Numbers 21 to 16.

There are several trees which have died or part fallen, when FERA can allow formally allow, some of these will need to be taken down, to give safety for the future.

At this time general access to the woods and removal of cut timber is still not permissible.

Volunteers Wanted

Larry Woodland has now moved house and we would like to form a team of volunteers to take on his woodland inspection role.
The team of “wood walkers” would carry out monthly inspections in designated areas to monitor the woods. If you are interested in being part of this team providing valuable support for the management of the wood, please contact the Directors by email at fr0ntd3sk@crinniswoodmanagement.co.uk.

Ross Collins moves on to pastures new

Having progressed the management of the woodlands to the current day position, where a clear future plan of management is understood, Ross’s involvement will now cease as his employment at Smiths Gore will not continue into 2013. Chris Anderson will assume the role of woodland manager and carry out this role in conjunction with the other secretarial duties he recently assumed from John Richomme. In his previous employment, Chris managed a major English Woodland Grant Scheme contract covering approximately 400 acres of woodland, consisting of more than 40 different compartments of woodland spread across three different estates. This experience, coupled with the expertise contained within Smith Gore’s Forestry department will ensure that the future effective management of the woodlands at Crinnis.