2013 Annual Charge

As agreed at the 2012 AGM, the service charge for 2013 has been set at £300.

This is a 25% reduction on the 2012 charge which is most welcomed in these lean times.

The charge is due for payment on the 1st January 2013, the invoices have been sent out by Smiths Gore on the 20th December 2012.

As also agreed, if payment is not received by 31st January 2013, the charge will increase to £330. Those who intend to pay by a monthly instalment facility will also be charged £330.

Any member wishing to set up the monthly instalment facility, has not received their invoice or who needs to discuss payment arrangement in confidence is urged to contact Smiths Gore as soon as possible.

*** UPDATE 3/1/2013 ***

Payment can be made electronically to avoid postal expense and delay. Use the following payee details:

Bank Nat West
Sort Code 54-21-38
Account Number 28619005
Account Name S/Gore Client Acc
Payee Reference <NNNNNN> <HH>WRP

Where <NNNNNN> is your tenant reference number as found on your invoice and <HH> is your house number.