Neighbourhood Watch Update – Spring 2018

Fly Tipping

There have been three incidents of fly tipping in the woods on Beach Road in the last month.

As this is private land the Council is unable to act and therefore it is the responsibility of the landowners to ensure the removal of the same at their own expense.

If you discover fly tipping

DO NOT – Touch the waste

DO – Report to myself or one of the Directors

If you see someone fly-tipping


But make note of the following:

  • How many people are involved
  • What they look like
  • What has been tipped – how much and what it looks like
  • Details of any vehicles involved including make colour and registration

Crime in the area for the last three months

  • Thankfully none in Wheal Regent Park to my knowledge
  • The police figures are only available for January 2018
  • There was a burglary in Haddon Way – Investigation completion; no suspect identified
  • Theft of Gas Bottles from Edie’s Kitchen – Investigation ongoing

Jeff Franklin
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator
No 30 Wheal Regent Park

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Jeff Franklin (No 30 WRP) has taken over the management of the NHW scheme for the road with 16 residents currently signed up.

Arrangements are being made to replace the 3 signs on the designated lamp posts throughout the estate.

A couple of reminders

  • If you are leaving your property empty, please let a neighbour know and leave a number where you can be contacted.
  • Please remember that the neighbourhood watch is a two-way street, if you have any information that you feel would be of benefit to the police or community, do not hesitate to contact the police or Jeff as you see fit.

Community Messaging

Julie Carpenter, our local PCSO, is promoting the Devon and Cornwall Police “Community Messaging” scheme.

By simply registering your contact details with them, you will be kept up-to-date with policing information for the local area. The messages you would receive may contain:

  • Relevant information about crime in our area
  • Crime Prevention Advice
  • Events and opportunities to meet our local policing team
  • Appeals for witnesses or help to trace missing people

The messages can be sent by telephone, email or even fax (?). You decide how and when you would like the information.

Theft of tree trunks

A blue mk 2 land rover discovery with 2 men on board arrived at the entrance to WRP decabbed with a chain saw and entered the woodland in the area adjacent to no 39 and proceeded to saw up large sections of a fallen tree trunk. They then left loaded with several sections in the back of the vehicle.

On the 2nd visit, Police were contacted, arrived on site and challenged the activity of the men. They duely unloaded the logs and left the scene.

PC 6933 Benjamin Morris of St Austell Police says he will prosecute if the theft is repeated as he has the registration details of their Blue Mk 2 Land-rover Discovery.

In the meantime he advised us to remove and keep all felled logs out of sight and to alert residents to report any further thieves removing wood.