Christmas 2012 – Woodlands Update

We hope that you have seen some of the changes that have taken place this autumn, with trees now becoming individually visible.

Paul Wallace of Woodsmiths has been working in the woods since October clearing Rhododendrons from the woods along Beach Road behind numbers 25 to 39.

Paul Wallace in front of mine shaft looking west.
Picture was taken in Crinnis Wood, eastern edge adjacent to Cottwood with Paul Wallace in front of a mine shaft looking west.

Paul is now working his way east along the Woodland strip next to railway line behind Numbers 21 to 16.

There are several trees which have died or part fallen, when FERA can allow formally allow, some of these will need to be taken down, to give safety for the future.

At this time general access to the woods and removal of cut timber is still not permissible.

Volunteers Wanted

Larry Woodland has now moved house and we would like to form a team of volunteers to take on his woodland inspection role.
The team of “wood walkers” would carry out monthly inspections in designated areas to monitor the woods. If you are interested in being part of this team providing valuable support for the management of the wood, please contact the Directors by email at