June 2012 Update – Rhododendron Clearance

Current Board and Duties

  • Roland Fox Chairman, Working on the Forestry and County problems with grants, trees and Rhododendrons.
  • Jane West, Deputised for Roland, working with Smiths Gore and residents.
  • Dominic Skerry, Led the change over to Smiths Gore from Countrywide.
  • Larry Woodland, Carrying out regular inspections of the woods, running behind on tree work
  • Peter Fitzgerald, Writing updates to residents and working on accounts.
  • John Richomme (Smiths Gore), Involved in many aspects of the estate work.
  • Ross Collins (Smiths Gore), woodland manager.

Rhododendrons and Trees

It is fair to state that the majority of the householders would like as little change to the woodlands as is possible, apart from the removal of really dangerous trees and general improvement works.

We are probably all aware from the media that a disease carried by Rhododendrons is a most severe threat to the majority of the woodlands in the west of the UK.

The disease caused by Phytophthora ramorum, is spreading from Cornwall through the South West.
We have been left in no doubt that as Directors and members we have a legal responsibility:

  • County Council were aware of isolated problems in Crinnis Wood.
  • Council will give us 7 days notice to start clearing the if disease is found again, at our cost !
  • The Forestry Commission awarded us a grant after FERA detected infection by Phytophthora.

We really have little choice, either act now, or have higher costs later. This is why Paul Wallace has undertaken the clearance of Rhododendrons.

Peter Fitzgerald, 31st May 2012

March 2012 – Update

For many years Labyrinth have been the managing agents for the CWMC. Last autumn they were amalgamated into Countrywide Management Ltd.

Both Labyrinth and now Countrywide accept that they are unable to provide CWMC with the specialist woodland management required by our Company.

By mutual agreement between your Board and Countrywide, it has been decided to terminate our management agreement.

Your Board has invited tenders from several local companies to take over the position of Managing Agents.

The Board is pleased to announce that, following negotiations, we have appointed Smiths Gore of Truro to be our agents for the next year.

Smiths Gore are a national land agency practice with specialist management and agency functions covering Forestry, Woodland and Arboriculture.
At a strategic level preparing policies for Forest and Woodland management and development and taking an active role in their management.

One of the areas of expertise developed to complement more traditional woodland management roles is risk management. Tree surveys are
increasingly important where there is public access and a requirement to show that trees have been professionally inspected and action taken to minimise chances of litigation and extend the life of valued veteran trees.

John Richomme BSc FRICS and Ross Collins of the Truro office are already advising us and working towards a smooth handover from Countrywide at the end of April.

We are all looking forward to working with Smiths Gore and utilising their knowledge to improve our woodland.