SmithsGore Landscope Update March 2013

Woodland & Arboriculture

English Government policy on forestry and woodland

The Government has released a statement on its policy, which includes its response to the Independent Panel on Forestry:

  • Protection: Increased funding for research and action on tree diseases (good news but the Government’s short-termism in cutting support for Forest Research should not have happened in the first place)
  • Value: provide information on the benefits woodland provides (economic, social and environmental, which will include developing a set of natural capital accounts), and support the voluntary woodland carbon market
  • Support the woodland economy: through a new action plan (another!!!) and bringing woodlands back into management
  • Public Forest Estate: will remain in public ownership and will receive slightly more funding. It will be managed by a new body, to be created in the future, that will have greater independence from Government and greater freedom to manage its resources and maximise its income. This seems like a good move.
  • Improving public access to woods: by working with landowners, particularly close to our towns and promote community involvement in woodland management

A full copy of the SmithsGore Landscope briefing can be viewed here