Tree Works Alongside the Railway

As you may be aware, Network Rail are conducting a vegetation management clearance along the railway line.

Following a meeting with Network Rail, our agent has been able to obtain an agreement for the removal of several trees on our joint boundary which pose an unacceptable risk to both the railway line and a liability for the Company.

This agreement will allow us to start work from Monday 1st March 2021 whilst Network Rail have contractors on site.

This is an exceptional opportunity to get this work completed with their consent and without their exceptional charges for closing the line and provision of a special watching brief.

However, we will address the felled timber will be removed at a later time.

It is vital that members do not enter the woodland while this work is in progress.

Parents are requested to take particular care and not allow their children into the woods for the next 2 weeks.

As a result of the current lockdown, neighbouring families have been found walking in the woodland. We have had to remind them that this is private property and asked them to leave. Unfortunately, should they have an accident in the woods, the Company could be held liable. Please do remind people of this if you witness anyone in the woods, especially during periods of woodland works.

Jane West

On behalf of the Board of Directors