Woodland Management Plan

The Woodland Management Plan has been drawn up by Paul Wallace in line with the general principles agreed at the 2013 AGM. The Board has reviewed the Management Plan and is in the process of being submitted to the Forestry Commission. Attached is the master plan showing the work areas for the next 5 years along with a table of works which will give you a greater understanding as to the next 5 years proposed works.

As agreed at 2013 AGM, we are allocating at least £2,000 per annum in order to carry out these works which will consist of general clearance of the woodland and replanting. You will note that the areas have been located around the wood in a random order to provide benefit to as many members as possible as quickly as possible and also to assist with regeneration of the woodland in a less uniform manner.

Proposed Management Plan
Map of all Work Zones
Proposed Schedule of Works
Map of Year 1 Zones
Map of Year 2 Zones
Map of Year 3 Zones
Map of Year 4 Zones
Map of Year 5 Zones